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Scuba diving licences with international validity can be granted in the following:

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A beginners' dive for those with no experience who want to have a go at diving.
Discovery  is a real dive, a few metres deep, with an instructor who will teach beginners’ skills and will guide you step-by-step on this new adventure.

Open Water
The first level for those who are beginning scuba diving.
This license, valid across the world, allows you to dive with a companion at a depth of up to 20 metres.

This is the second level for those who want to gain the skills to become a truly advanced scuba diver.
This license enables you to dive anywhere in the world up to a depth of 40 metres.

Rescue Diver
This course gives you the skills necessary to avert and manage an emergency situation.
It improves the scuba diver’s competence and safety, improving their control and management of dives.
IThe Rescue  course is also the first step for those who are thinking of doing scuba diving related activity professionally.

The Specialitasion courses aim to allow learners to acquire the skills needed to dive in particular contexts.
All the courses include brief theoretical lessons and practical lessons in the water.

Deep Diver
This license is suitable for those who are interested in depth or are attracted to a particular site.
The deep scuba diver will acquire the theoretical knowledge and competences to dive to a depth of up to 39 metres, improving their self-control and skill level.

Nocturnal dives are a unique experience, offering the possibility of being part of an extraordinary world rich with life.
The Night Dive license teaches techniques and skills to dive at night or in situations of limited visibility (murky waters, lakes).

It is very important to know your location when you are underwater and to be able to return to the departure point or to find the boat again.
The Orientation course will teach how to navigate underwater using a compass and/or natural references, allowing you to experiment with diverse techniques.

Marine Biology
This course is for those who want to enrich their own scientific knowledge of the diverse species of flora and fauna that populate the Mediterranean sea.
BLSD First Aid
This license is also for non divers and allows the student to intervene in cases of emergency, to administer first aid and correctly carry out a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or use a defibrillator.

Emergency Oxygen Provider
This course makes you into an excellent diving companion because you learn to recognise the pathologies that are treatable with oxygen, to correctly prepare the equipment and administer emergency oxygen.
It is also suitable for non divers, and is recommended for those who work in close proximity with divers (boat crew and life guards).

Dive Master
The Dive Master can accompany and guide certified scuba divers in dives and assist the instructor during practical and theoretical lessons.
With this license you can transform your passion for diving into a professional activity and begin to work in diving or in diving schools.
You need to have done 50 dives as a prerequisite for accessing the course and to get certified you will need to perfect this experience, acquiring excellent theoretical knowledge and advanced practical skills.